Buying direct an 18th century “chartreuse” in the golden triangle of black Perigord (South Dordogne)

 What are we selling?

  • A ‘gites’ business in the Dordogne near Sarlat
  • An 18th century “chartreuse” and a converted barn totalling 7000 sqft of living space
  • In the golden triangle of black Perigord
  • 3 fully equipped independant cottages plus your own home or an extra cottage, 13 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms in total
  • Webiste with excellent SEO and channel manager
  • Manageable by a couple
  • Fully functional fireplaces, sauna, hot tub, playing room, parking for 10 cars and electric charging point for 2 cars
  • A very large (46*19 ft) infinity salt pool with a rolling shutter
  • 1,23 acre garden with more than 100 species of flowers and 30 species of trees
  • 70 K€ revenue over 5 months (May to September) with bookings for 2023
  • Eco-friendly


Who are we?

We are a newly retired couple. We bought this property 7 years ago as we were looking for something much smaller. But we fell in love with this quite unique “chartreuse” and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we did.

Why are we selling direct?

First of all, the main obstacle for Brits (or non-French speakers generally) in buying a property in France is the language. I was raised in an anglophile family, and my wife worked in English for most of her career, so there should be no communication obstacle.

Besides, the legal and financial aspects are fairly straightforward, even for an overseas buyer and even post-Brexit.

Of course, we have nothing against estate agents, when they are useful and diligent! But running a gite business is another matter. And saving 50K£+ is to be considered.




1 300 000€

If you are looking for a really special place you can rent and where you will enjoy living in (or it can just as well be used as a fourth cottage, which was our case for a while), you might be the people we would like to sell this property to. Though we would like to sell it to someone who is going to take care of it, there are capable property managers around and you can also consider it as a business rather than a home. If you decide to run the gites business yourselves, I would be very glad to help you get organised. We have a very efficient website with excellent SEO for French speaking web users. I could also help you out with the SEO for the English website.

Most of all, we have an excellent track record for all three cottages, whether it be on Google, Facebook, Aibnb or Booking. And in our experience, reviews are the first criterion when hosts are looking for a cottage to rent in the Dordogne.